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Neave, a name synonymous with the magic of matrimony, is not just a wedding planner; she is a weaver of dreams. With a smile that could light up any room and a passion for perfection, Neave has the rare ability to turn even the simplest weddings into fairytales. 


Julian is a name that evokes awe and admiration. Known as the visionary architect of nuptials, his passion for wedding planning is rooted in his love for storytelling through design. Julian’s journey was ignited by his background in architecture; he sees every wedding venue as a canvas, waiting to be transformed into a masterpiece.

Better To Have Loved And Lost, Than To Have Never Loved

Robert Patterson

Event Services


We will organise all the accomidations, through our various connections and industry knowledge


We will make sure everything about your moment will be captured. If you organise early enough even the proposal!


We will create everything in your wedding itinerary from the ceremony to the reception

Food & Drinks

We will cater and organise your food and drinks based on your preferences, considering dietary requirements

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We manage everything

We make all the changes you need!

The Ceremony

The Reception

The Party

Our Partners

Golden Wood Furniture

Golden Wood Furniture is a custom furniture Sydney store that allows us to rent their custom designed timber furniture for weddings. They are a family operated business and offer affordable pricing.

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